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Common Window Defects


Windows play an important role in your home. Not only do they look good, but they provide function. For example, they keep drafts out of your home, keeping it cool (or warm) as needed. Windows also keep pests out of your home.

During home inspections, there are various issues that tend to crop up when it comes to windows. These issues can ruin the looks of your windows and make them less effective. Here are some common defects to be aware of.

Difficult Operation

This is one of the most common issues with windows. Windows should open and close with little effort, but this is not always the case. Sometimes they are hard to get open; other times, it’s difficult to close them. In most cases, dirt and dust are the culprits, so it may just require some cleaning with a lubricant, like WD-40. Sometimes windows are painted shut, so you may need to remove some paint. In some cases, the spring or sash may be broken.


Wood windows may warp if moisture gets into them. They may expand and contract, causing windows to warp and bend. If the warping damage is minor, filler can be used to cover cracks. A new coat of paint or protective stain to your windows every few years can prevent warping. If the warping is severe, it can affect the function of your window. Consider getting a replacement.

Condensation in the Panes

One of the downsides of having multiple-paned windows is that condensation or fog can form in between the glass. A broken seal can cause the gas fill to escape. Heat and heavy rainstorms can cause the seal to break. When this happens, it detracts from the appearance of the window and makes it inefficient. A defogging spray or shaving cream can serve as a temporary fix. Proper ventilation can also remove excess moisture.

Damaged Flashing

You may know that roofs have flashing, but so do windows. The flashing on windows is used to keep water out. They are made of aluminum or galvanized steel and are installed over joints to keep water from seeping inside. Damage to the flashing can also cause damage to the drywall and siding.

Faulty Hardware

The cranks, locks, and latches on windows can wear out over time. This can cause them to not work as well or even break. This means replacing the hardware, which is easier for more modern windows. Finding replacement parts on older windows can be more challenging.

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Windows are important features in a home. When they don’t work properly, they can let in hot or cold air as well as pests, making your home uncomfortable.

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