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How A Hail Storm Can Affect Your Home


Many of us have experienced hail storms at some point. Maybe you were at work or home when it happened. Perhaps you were out on the roadways running errands.

Hail storms consist of balls of ice. They are often short-lived, lasting for fewer than 15 minutes. Many produce pebble-sized hail, but you have probably heard of hail the size of golf balls. This type of hail can be dangerous to buildings, cars, and other objects. While rare, massive hailstones can cause concussions and even fatal head injuries.

Hail damage will depend on the size of the balls and the speed at which they fall. Hail is very destructive to homes, with 1 in 35 homeowners reporting a hail storm claim each year. Hail storm claims are on the rise due to the increased use of vinyl siding for home exteriors. While vinyl siding is made to endure extreme winds and can generally withstand severe weather, large hailstones can hit the panels and cause them to crack or chip. Light hailstorms can be damaging to aluminum siding.

Hail storms have grown more destructive in recent years. They are becoming more prevalent and the damage has become more expensive due to larger homes being built and more homes being built in vulnerable places. Plus, the cost of roofing materials has skyrocketed, resulting in larger claim amounts.

Is Your Home Damaged?

Has your home sustained hail storm damage? Here are some signs to look for:

  • Dented gutters and downspouts
  • Dents, dings, buckling, warping to siding and window sills
  • Significant or uneven gaps across layers of siding
  • Property damage to your shed, deck, patio, and vehicles

Preparing for a Hail Storm

 Do the following to prepare for a hail storm: 

  • Bring pets inside. Bring dogs and cats inside the house or in some type of protected shelter.
  • Shelter vehicles. When possible, move vehicles into the garage or some other covered space.
  • Shelter outdoor items. Bring in any outdoor furniture, potted plants, or other items that can be damaged.
  • Be prepared for an electrical outage. A hailstorm can knock out power. Have a generator or flashlights handy.
  • Move inside. Even small hailstones can injure a person, so don’t stay outdoors. Get indoors as soon as you can.
  • Secure windows. Close all drapes and blinds so that broken window glass cannot enter your home.
  • Take precautions when driving. If you’re driving during a hailstorm, stay inside your vehicle. However be prepared to slow down or stop, as roads may become slippery. Pull over and cover yourself with a blanket to protect yourself from broken glass. 

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Hail storms may seem pretty tame, but many are severe, causing harm to everything in their paths. They cause billions of dollars in damage in the United States every year.

If your home or other property suffered hail damage, contact a Lakeland hail storm damage insurance lawyer from Ruel Law Firm. We’ll assess your case and ensure your claim is approved. Call (833) RUEL-LAW or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation with our office today.