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Lakeland Stucco Defects Lawyer

Lakeland Stucco Defects Lawyer

Stucco is a very common finish used on the exterior of homes and businesses in Lakeland. Stucco is very appropriate in Florida, as it aids in preventing water from penetrating a structure and damaging the interior. Determining liability for defective stucco, though, is not easy. The damage may have been caused by a negligent contractor, or a manufacturer who created and sold defective materials. If your home has suffered property damage, our Lakeland stucco defects lawyer can help you make it right.

Florida Law on Stucco

Under Florida law there are very specific guidelines, building codes, and standards pertaining to the proper installation of stucco to the exterior of a home, business, or other structure. Installing stucco properly requires many different steps, and every one of them is critical in making sure the stucco performs the job it is meant to and prevents the outdoor elements from making their way inside. When stucco is defective or is not installed properly, it can cause damage from rainwater or water intrusion.

Unfortunately, too many contractors and builders do not follow the specific guidelines. Instead, they take shortcuts in an effort to save time, money, and their own stress. This only leads to more stress for homeowners when the interior of their home is damaged. Some of the most common damage caused by stucco defects are rotting wood in the frame of the home, insulation that has become drenched with water, or the growth of toxic mold.

Signs of Defective Stucco Are Not Easy to Detect

The signs of defective stucco are not always easy to identify right away. Some signs of defective stucco are obvious and they include stucco that falls off, cracks, pulls away from the building, or becomes discolored. In most instances though, defective stucco is not always so easy to detect. In most cases, it requires working with an engineer who can perform different tests on it.

Many people do not know who to reach out to when they believe their stucco is defective and causing damage to their home. A Lakeland stucco defects lawyer will have a network of professionals who can help, including an engineer who can perform the appropriate tests and determine if defective stucco is the reason for your property damage.

Call Our Stucco Defects Lawyer in Lakeland for Help with Your Case

You should never have to suffer from property damage to your home due to another person’s shoddy work. At Ruel Law Firm, our Lakeland stucco defects lawyer can help you determine who is liable for the damage and will hold them fully responsible for paying the maximum compensation that is justly yours. When you need to protect your home, call us or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation with our experienced attorney and to learn more about how we can help with your case.

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