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Lakeland Fire Damage Insurance Lawyer

Lakeland Fire Damage Insurance Lawyer

In the best of situations, a fire in your home or business is inconvenient. In the worst of cases, it will have catastrophic consequences. During this very stressful time, the only reassurance you may feel is that your insurance company will be there for you and provide the compensation you need. That is, after all, the purpose of insurance. Unfortunately, too many insurers deny the coverage home and business owners need, during one of the most difficult times of the policyholder’s life. If your property has been damaged and the insurance company refuses to act fairly, our Lakeland fire damage insurance claims lawyer can help.

Why Work with a Lakeland Fire Damage Claim Lawyer?

If your claim is not initially denied, the insurance company will conduct an extensive investigation into your case. They will evaluate the extent of the damage and try to determine what caused the fire. Some insurers have even been known to blame the property owner for the complete loss of a home or business and they go to great lengths to try and justify their reasoning.

A Lakeland fire lawyer will have the necessary resources to conduct their own investigation which can dispute the false claims of the insurance company. A lawyer will reach out to their network of experts to determine the cause of the fire, the estimated value of the property damaged during the fire, and accurately estimate the value of your claim.

What Damage Is Covered by Fire Insurance?

The terms outlined in your policy will determine the type of property damage that is covered in the event of a fire. Some policies only provide coverage for property damage caused by the actual fire, while others provide coverage for secondary issues related to the fire. Water damage, smoke damage, roof damage, melted personal property, electrical damage, and plumbing damage are a few additional types of coverage insurance may provide.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Fire Claims?

Insurance companies are for-profit entities, and it is in their best interests to protect their profits by paying out reduced claims or denying claims altogether. The reasons insurance companies provide when denying claims are not always legitimate, but some of the most common include:

  • Alleging arson on the part of the property owner
  • Undervaluing property damage
  • Failing to investigate in a timely manner
  • Denying a claim for total loss, even when there is evidence to support it
  • Any violation of the terms outlined in an insurance policy, including fraud or misrepresentation

If your insurance company has denied your claim, it is important to speak to an attorney who can provide the legal advice you need.

Our Fire Lawyer in Lakeland Will Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

Holding an insurance company accountable for paying the coverage you need is not easy. At Ruel Law Firm, our Lakeland fire lawyer has the necessary experience to refute the claims of the insurance company and negotiate for the fair settlement you are entitled to. Call us today or connect with us online to schedule a consultation.

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