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Lakeland Lightning Damage Insurance Lawyer

Lakeland Lightning Damage Insurance Lawyer

The conventional saying that lightning strikes are rare is just not true in Lakeland, or throughout the rest of Florida. The Sunshine State is one of the most lightning-prone places in the entire country and when it strikes, it causes significant property damage. If your property has been damaged by lightning, you might think you can turn to your insurance company to provide the coverage you need. Unfortunately, insurers often try to deny or reduce these claims to protect their bottom line. Before you file a claim, speak to our Lakeland lightning damage insurance claims lawyer to ensure you receive the fair settlement you deserve.

How Does Lightning Damage Homes in Lakeland?

Lightning can cause many different types of property damage. Lightning is electrically charged and when it hits a structure, it burns. In even the most minor of cases, lightning may char the structure it strikes. In the worst of scenarios, this weather phenomenon can burn an entire house down. Even if you can still live in your home, you may have to deal with electrical shortages which can damage appliances, wiring, air condition systems, and electronics.

Lightning does not even have to strike your property to cause damage. For example, lightning may strike a tree in your neighbor’s yard, causing it to burst into flame. The fire could spread to your home or other parts of the property and cause significant damage. Lighting, of course, is also usually associated with other serious weather changes, which could result in flooding or wind damage.

What to Do After Lightning Damages Your Property

After lightning has struck your property, or your premises have been damaged by it, you should document the damage done as quickly as possible. Take a full inspection of your property and take photos and videos that can show the extent of the damage. If you can, you should also create a list of any personal items or property that was damaged by lightning, or from a resulting fire. If you need to call the fire department, also document the time and date that you called.

In most insurance policies, lightning is a named peril, meaning it is something that is covered. Before you file your claim, you should speak to a Lakeland lightning attorney. After receiving your claim, the insurance company will conduct a full investigation and you should have someone who will investigate on your behalf, too. An attorney will also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and ensure you receive the full coverage you justly deserve.

Our Lightning Lawyer in Lakeland Can Assist with Your Claim

If you pay insurance premiums for your home or business, you have a right to receive coverage when lightning damages or destroys your property. At Ruel Law Firm, our Lakeland lightning lawyer will fight to ensure your rights are upheld and will work tirelessly until you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our experienced attorney and learn more about your legal options.

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