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Lakeland Window & Door Defects Lawyer

Lakeland Window & Door Defects Lawyer

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are key components of the building’s wall envelope, which is integral to maintaining a dry and properly conditioned interior. Windows and doors are also key points of vulnerability in the building envelope. With so many different types, styles and materials to choose from, the building designer or contractor has an important role to fill in selecting the right windows and doors for the given structure and installing them properly. Window and door construction defects can cause damage to the framework, finishing, floors, furniture and carpeting, leading to costly and time-consuming repairs and replacement. If you are experiencing water damage in your home, window and door construction defects could be to blame. The Ruel Law Firm can help you determine the source of your trouble and hold the responsible parties accountable, from filing property damage insurance claims to initiating litigation against negligent contractors. For help dealing with property damage and window and door defects in Central Florida, contact our experienced Lakeland window & door defects lawyer today for a free consultation.

Signs of Window and Door Construction Defects

Window and door construction defects can create problems like cracked stucco or drywall, but the most common and serious consequences of these defects are water intrusion and leaking. Signs of water intrusion at windows and doors can include:

  • Staining of drywall at the window’s lower corners
  • Staining or warping of wood floors near doors or under windows
  • Staining of baseboards at door edges
  • Mold at baseboards or lower window corners
  • Separated door frames, baseboards, or crown molding
  • Swollen or sticking windows and doors

Sticking or misaligned windows and doors could also be a sign of other construction defects related to foundation/concrete settlement and cracking. Attorney Michael Ruel is highly experienced in construction defect litigation involving all types of site issues with single-family dwellings as well as commercial condominiums, hospitals, and a host of other structures. The Ruel Law Firm will be able to identify the nature of the defect at issue and hold the proper contractors, subcontractors, or other responsible parties accountable for their negligence.

Construction defects in windows and doors were most likely present from the time of their initial installation, even if the defect wasn’t noticed for years. Water intrusion is a common sign of a defect, and usually one doesn’t have to wait too long here in rainy Central Florida to notice a problem. In some cases, however, the defect might not become noticeable until after a particularly severe storm or lengthy rainfall. It’s important in these cases to have an attorney experienced in storm damage insurance claims as well as construction defect litigation who can tell the two apart and pursue the proper avenue for remediation and compensation. These two practice areas are the twin pillars upon which the Ruel Law Firm was built; you can’t go wrong choosing our firm to handle your water intrusion property damage claim.

Types of Window and Door Construction Defects

Florida state and federal laws contain strict and detailed codes and standards regarding windows and doors; deviation from those codes and standards leads to defects in construction. When dealing with windows and doors, construction defects can include product design and manufacturing defects, waterproofing design defects, faulty workmanship in the installation of windows and doors and their interfacing with wall systems, or the use of defective or damaged materials, just to name a few of the ways construction defects with windows and doors can occur. More specific examples of window and door construction defects include:

  • Improper lapping of building paper
  • Improper lapping of waterproof paper flashing
  • Tears in waterproof paper flashing during installation
  • Improperly installed or missing flashing
  • Stucco improperly joined to window and door areas

Contact the Ruel Law Firm Today

When you are experiencing problems with your home or commercial property, what’s important to you is not what caused it but rather getting the problem fixed and paid for. Identifying the cause of the trouble and the responsible parties, however, is critical to making that happen. At the Ruel Law Firm, we have well over a decade of experience dealing with property damage insurance claims and construction defects in Central Florida. We are the law firm you need to get the home you paid for along with compensation for damage caused by a construction defect. For help with window and door construction defects from Tampa to Orlando, call our experienced Lakeland construction defect lawyer today.

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